April 23rd 2014

This past Monday we closed on a property and are gearing up to design and build our next home. It took a little longer than expected… Our neighborhood got pretty picked over by a handful of builders making it that much harder to find something, not to mention there are hardly any sellers out there! But thanks to our awesome realtors (whoop whoop), we were able to purchase this lot under the radar.

Last time we left it, I thought we were going to end up with a property that had a really low height restriction, which led me in this direction. But give me year and a different street?… totally changed my mind.

For the exterior I’m thinking a combination of old school brick and raw cement (maybe lining the lower daylight basement?) with lots of windows lending natural light to the interior. I can’t decide if I want to paint the brick white (with dark window sashes) or leave it red. I will have to keep you posted on that. I’m envisioning a tall and slender home with a hip roof, which will be a new and welcomed approach for me.

home inspiration / H2 Design + Build

home inspiration / H2 Design + Build

For the kitchen, I’m going to surprise everyone by saying I’ve been leaning toward the dark side… black. YES! With some natural stone, wood and brass thrown in.  I’m also tiring of the stainless vent hood breaking up the upper shelving and loving the idea of subway tile of some sort encompassing this metal beast.

inspiration / H2 Design + Build

inspiration / H2 Design + Build

The bathrooms are all moving in the eclectic direction with a bit more addition of color and pattern. I’m a little nervous to go extreme in the shower (seen below)… but it is so tempting! I also love the 3/4 wall height subway tile application and floor to ceiling drapery panels. Utilitarian and luxury all rolled into one!

inspiration / H2 Design + Build

inspiration / H2 Design + Build

inspiration / H2 Design + Build

I’d like to see the bedrooms (along with the rest of the home) incorporate layered warmth, a fun mix of new and old, and of course wallpaper will be making its appearance. Both of the rooms below are current favorites of mine for the master and kiddos’ bedrooms.

inspiration / H2 Design + Build

inspiration / H2 Design + Build

Other ideas I’m throwing around are cement floors, white painted wood floors, and the use of a bit more intricate millwork and molding details than I have used in the past. Finally, white walls will be front and center. I can’t tell you how much I have missed them! We are currently living in an apartment with beige on top of beige with beige accents. It really amazes me how much a beige wall color can affect my artwork, furniture, and accessories (and not in a good way!). Blah.

I’ve got a few more ideas rolling around in my head, but I think I’ll stop here for now. Got to get back to the work that actually pays the bills!

images via (to the best of my abilities!) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 789

Move-In Ready.

April 15th 2014

Last week we finished up our biggest project of the year, a 3500 sq. f.t renovation and 3000 sq. ft. addition of a 1940′s tudor style home. Yes… on the large side! With the redesign, I wanted to stay authentic to the tudor style while updating certain elements to give it more of a modern luxury feel… hello marble slab steam shower!

Before our clients moved in, I had Dorotheé Brand of Belatheé Photography photograph her way through the home. Here are a handful of my favorites shots. You can see more on our website.

p.s. – I suppose I should recant what I said earlier… we aren’t quite finished. Still waiting on a couple powder room wallpapers, a backordered pot filler, and these amazing exterior lights that I can’t quite get final approval on. (Crossing my fingers.)































April 13th 2014

This weekend I celebrated the upcoming arrival of a very lucky soon-to-be baby boy. The talented mom-to-be,  Molly Debiak  (cute as ever), arrived alongside her close knit girlfriends on a perfect day in Seattle to enjoy a vegetarian menu, a tiny bit of bubbly, sweet and thoughtful presents, and yes, even a cliche baby shower game. I hope you enjoyed your special day Molly! You and Colin are going to make amazing parents!

And a special thanks to my co-host, Emily Childress!! xx

A few snapshots from the day…

baby shower / H2 Design the blog / Katie Hackworth

baby shower / H2 Design the blog / Katie Hackworth

baby shower / H2 Design the blog / Katie Hackworth

baby shower / H2 Design the blog / Katie Hackworth

baby shower / H2 Design the blog / Katie Hackworth

baby shower / H2 Design the blog / Katie Hackworth

baby shower / H2 Design the blog / Katie Hackworth

baby shower / H2 Design the blog / Katie Hackworth

baby shower / H2 Design the blog / Katie Hackworth

baby shower / H2 Design the blog / Katie Hackworth

baby shower / H2 Design the blog / Katie Hackworth

baby shower / H2 Design the blog / Katie Hackworth

Foliage selection provided by McKenzie Powell. Favor boxes available at Alamodo.

looking back.

March 22nd 2014

Paul and I pulled the girls out of school last week for a well deserved break from the chaos. We headed to Hawaii and it did not disappoint! Sunny days and beautiful sunsets, sandcastles, whale watching, the salty ocean and plenty of palm trees swaying in the wind. Ahhhhh… the life. Our trip went by in a blink of an eye, but the experience lives on in memories and photos. Some of my favorites below…

hawaiian flower.

beach time.

whale watching.

girls at the beach.

rainbow in paradise.



shaded under plumeria.

beach bum.

family at sunset.

sandy feet.

blue sky beach.

silhouette in the sand.

framed palms.

my little shadow.


feet over bridge.

no swimming.



a long day.

moon through palms.

palm trees through staircase.

watching for whales.

foot prints in the sand.


windy in paradise.

heading to hawaii.

All good things come to an end. Now back to the real world!


March 4th 2014

Seeing sand and sun in my near future… and I am ready for it!

Sand and Sun / H2 Design blog

1 – sunglasses / Tory Burch

2 – beach bag / J. Crew

3 – swim suit / J.Crew

4 – white tank / Madewell
(Best tank ever, by the way.)

5 – shorts / Madewell
(Cuff the bottom for a cute casual look.)

6 – sandals / Joie


February 19th 2014

Today I’m excited to introduce you to the talented artist, Lydia Bassis. Lydia and I met not that long ago, and quickly became fast friends as we discovered our eerily unique similarities (which I won’t bore you all with). Of course, it wasn’t surprising to find that I was a huge fan of her work!

Lydia focuses on repetition and balance as she combines different shapes, forms, and color into these bold yet whimsical pieces of art. With a recently updated website, Lydia gave me the go ahead to post some of her work. Check it out!

Thanks for making our walls a little more lively, Lydia!

PAINTINGS by Lydia Bassis //

Buffer / Lydia Bassis

Flounce / Lydia Bassis

LARGE WORKS ON PAPER by Lydia Bassis //

Lodge / Lydia Bassis

Fingerling / Lydia Bassis

Totem / Lydia Bassis

SMALL WORKS ON PAPER by Lydia Bassis //
(These smaller pieces look amazing grouped together or added to an eclectic gallery wall.)

assorted works / Lydia Bassis

To inquire more about Lydia’s work, click HERE.


February 3rd 2014

We are in the home stretch of a pretty amazing basement transformation. The homeowners found us through my House Beautiful mention a year back, and I couldn’t be happier! They have become good friends and are such a delight to work with. At this point, the tiles have been laid, millwork applied, walls and cabinets painted, wood floors stained, and accents of wallpaper rolled out. We are now moving on to the furniture and decor stage… (yay!)

Although I don’t have any “after” photos just yet, I thought I would give you a teaser with the “before” pics and few of the design boards showcasing the interior aesthetics. Can’t wait to share the final reveal!

BEFORE - not the most livable space you’ve ever seen!

BEFORE / basement renovation

design board - LIVING ROOM

LIVNG SPACE / Katie Hackworth / H2 Design + Build

design board - GUEST ROOM

GUEST ROOM / Katie Hackworth / H2 Design + Build

design board / PLAYROOM

PLAYROOM / Katie Hackworth / H2 Design + Build


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